Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Romanov Luxury Christmas Crackers

A great way to add some extra bang to your Christmas celebrations is through Romanov’s luxury Christmas crackers. Unlike regular Christmas crackers, these luxury crackers have been crafted and decorated with hand, using the finest golden trims available.

The pack of Romanov Christmas crackers with the luxury gifts they contain.

Each Romanov Christmas cracker contains customised handmade headgear (like a cloth crown), a Christmas humour and trivia booklet, and one of these six  individually wrapped gifts. These gifts include:

  • A silk scarf with a crystal scarf pin.
  • A leather card case made from Italian leather. 
  • A crystal-covered Cloisonne box.
  • A leather flash drive (USB) and a chrome pen.. 
  • A Stag-antler corkscrew and bottle opener. 
  • A pair of Crown Monde earrings.

Just get someone to help you pull the ends of the cracker, and the gifts will drop out with a huge bang. A box of six Romanov Christmas crackers is priced at US $952. They are available for sale at Harrods stores.

The gold Christmas cracker with the expensive luxury gifts they include.

Do you buy Christmas crackers to celebrate Christmas? What would you feel if one of these luxury gifts popped out of a Christmas cracker that you pulled?

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