Friday, October 19, 2012

Gold Christmas and Hanukkah Greeting Cards For $5,000

Gilded Age Greetings, a Florida-based greeting card retailer, has introduced a series of unique holiday greeting cards, embellished with jewels and 23 carat gold. Elite millionaires around the world will find these intricate cards a great way to greet their loved ones, this Christmas or Hanukkah.

These customised gilded holiday greeting cards may be studded with a variety of jewels and precious stones, which include rare yellow diamonds, emeralds, rubies, diamonds and sparkling Swarovski crystals. The cards can also include designs in 23 carat gold.

Handpainted Hanukkah greeting card, with gold and jewel embellishments

The most expensive of these Christmas and Hanukkah greeting cards are designed by Rosemary Buczek (the co-founder of Gilded Age Greetings and a fine artist). These greeting cards have original paintings on them, together with jewels and other embellishments.

Each hand-painted holiday greeting card is painted on real calf vellum and archival papers, using a palette of colours that include hand ground pigments, such as blues made from powdered Lapis Lazuli and greens made from Malachite. Priced at above $5,000, these bejewelled holiday cards are part of the ‘Grand Couture’ line.

Handpainted Christmas card with pure gold designs and precious stones

Gilded Age Greetings also produces cheaper holiday greeting cards adorned with 23 carat gold and jewels, as part of their Couture line of gilded cards. These cards are priced in the range of $1,000 and $5,000.

All gilded greeting cards come with a certificate from the artist for proof of authenticity, and are presented in a black silk box with white gloves.

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