Monday, November 26, 2012

Chopard’s Disney Princess Collection Of Necklaces

If you’ve always been fascinated with Disney’s Princesses, then this Christmas season, check out these necklaces inspired by them. Chopard, the distinguished jewelry maker, has launched a wonderful Haute Joaillerie jewelry collection, with elegant but playful necklace designs, based on various Disney princess characters.

Chopard necklace with coloured stones based on Belle

This jewelry collection includes ten jewelry pieces, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hairpieces, based on Disney Princess characters like Cinderella, Ariel, Mulan and Belle. Chopard has worked with luxury goods store ‘Harrods’ and Disney, to bring out this collection of Disney jewelry, in time for Christmas and the Holiday season.

Chopard necklace with blue stones based on Tiana

This collection of Disney Princess jewelry by Chopard, will be available at Harrods this Christmas. For 2012, Harrod’s has planned a festive Christmas celebration with a Disney-theme, and these Chopard jewellery items blend well with the theme.

Disney Characters And The Chopard Jewelry They Inspired

  • Tiana: This Disney character inspired a necklace with blue stones, which looks like the floating flowers, on which Princess Tiana and her Frog Prince floated upon. 
  • Sleeping Beauty: This Disney princess was the inspiration behind a pair of earrings that shows two birds carrying flowers, similar to the birds in the Sleeping Beauty story. 
  • Rapunzel: This collection includes a golden colour necklace that reflects the long, cascading golden hair of Rapunzel, and a hairpiece clip in pink stones. 
  • Belle: This collection consists of a sparkling necklace that seems to be inspired by the yellow dress, worn by Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), and another necklace with coloured stones all around. 
  • Evil Queen in Snow White: This Disney character inspired a ring with apple-like rubies, similar to the poisoned apple the Evil Queen served to Snow White.
Chopard earrings based on Sleeping Beauty

What do you think of these Disney character inspired jewelry pieces by Chopard? Which is your favourite Disney Princess? Would you like this as a Christmas gift?

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