Monday, November 26, 2012

Mickey Mouse Pure-Gold Christmas Tree - $4.2 Million

Check out this pure gold Christmas Tree, with charming Disney figures like Mickey Mouse, decorating it. Made by Japan based jeweller Ginza Tanaka, this pure-gold Christmas Tree is now the most expensive Christmas tree in the world.

Ginza Tanaka is a jewelry design company based in Tokyo, Japan, with more than 115 years experience in creating opulent pieces of jewelry, fabricated from precious metals like gold, silver and platinum.

Features of the Pure-Gold Christmas Tree

The gold Christmas Tree designed by the jewelry company is made from 48 kilos of pure gold, and stands about 2.4 metres tall. It is 1.2 metres in diameter, and revolves on a dais, to display the 50 cut-outs of Disney characters on it. These Disney characters include Mickey Mouse, Alice, Genie, Aladdin and Cinderella, amongst many others.

Pure-gold revolving Christmas tree from Japan

All these characters are silhouette cut-outs made from pure gold. The Christmas Tree is topped with a giant gold cut-out of Mickey Mouse’s head. The Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree also has ribbons made from gold leaf, draped over it, to increase its splendour. This gold tree took about two months to complete, with about 10 master craftsmen from the jewelry store working on it, during that period.

In the past, this Tokyo-based jewelry company had launched a pure-gold Christmas Tree, priced at $2 million. With this bigger gold Christmas tree priced at $4.2 million, they have broken all records for the most expensive Christmas Tree in the world. The tree will be on display till December 2nd, by which it is expected to get sold.

Disney characters on the real-gold Christmas tree

If you find this Disney Christmas Tree too expensive for your Holiday budget, the Japan-based jewelry company also offers a smaller gold tree, which costs less. This tree measures only about 25 centimetres in height, has 20 Disney characters, and can be bought for the price of $243,000.

The miniature version of the pure-gold Disney Christmas Tree is already reported to have found a few billionaire buyers, including some celebrities and business tycoons. It makes a great Christmas gift for the elite, as gold is always a good investment too!

What do you think of this pure-gold Christmas Tree? Would you buy it as a Christmas gift?

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