Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sobranie Luxury Cigarettes - Smoking Rich

If you wish to brag about how much money you have without being too obvious, smoking a luxury cigarette can do the trick. Sobranie cigarettes is one of the top premium tobacco brands in the market. While they produce many varieties, the two premium varieties are: Sobranie Cocktail (pastel colours) and Sobranie Black Russian (black paper). These are bought by the super rich and other high fliers, who can afford to pay the price for them.

Sobranie Premium Cigarettes: Black Russian on the left, Cocktail on the right

Unlike Cuban cigars, which most rich people like to stash, Sobranie premium cigarettes are completely legal. Both the Cocktail and Black Russian variety of luxury cigarettes have filters made of pure gold foil, and are a pure joy to hold between the fingers of your hand.

Black Russian cigarettes in the beautiful Sobranie case

The original Sobranie cigarettes were handmade in Russia, before the Redstone family developed the tobacco blend and began manufacturing them in London. The royals of various countries such as Russia, Greece, England, Spain and Romania ordered them, and they became very popular amongst the rich and super elite. A pack of 20 Sobranie Cocktail or Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes costs about 12 UK pounds.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lamborghini Veneno – Only Three Cars Available For Sale

Take a look at the new Lamborghini Veneno car. This car has taken the world by storm. Even though it is priced at a huge US $3.9 million, it got sold out within a very short time. The name of this car ‘Veneno’ comes from one of the fastest and most aggressive fighting bulls in Italy.

Side-view of the grey Veneno

It was launched at the Geneva Motor Show held in March 2013, to celebrate the golden jubilee of Automobili Lamborghini. This is very limited-edition car, and only three models of the car will be built. The sports car has strong aerodynamics, and is like a race car which can be used on normal roads.

Features of the Lamborghini Veneno 

The Lamborghini Veneno has a maximum output of 552 kW/ 50 hp, and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.8 seconds. Speed guns beware! It has an astonishing top speed of 355 km/h, and obviously cannot be chased by cops in their simple cars.

Interior of the awesome Lamborghini car

The exterior of the car is made from carbon-fiber materials, with the car’s complete chassis being manufactured as a CFRP monocoque, as is the outer skin. The interior of the Veneno sports car is made from Lamborghini’s finest patented materials, such as Forged Composite and CarbonSkin.

Overhead view of the silver Veneno racing car

The sports car has alloy wheels of different sizes. While the rear alloy-wheels measure 21-inches, the front alloy wheels measure 20-inches. The Lamborghini Veneno has a grey metallic color, with individual parts painted with black paint. Each model of the car has accents in a single colour of the Italian flag, which is red, green and yellow.

What do you think of the Lamborghini Veneno car? Wouldn't you like to zoom down your neighborhood streets in this machine?

From: Automobili Lamborghini

The Stunning Ferrari LaFerrari Car

Check out this awesome machine. This is Ferrari’s new Ferrari LaFerrari car that was launched at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March 2013. This luxury car is a limited-edition Ferrari car, of which only 499 models will be built.

Scissor-doors of the LaFerrari Car

It has been named the LaFerrari car, and has the famous ‘prancing horse’ logo on its bonnet and the sides of its butterfly doors. This fast car has F1-inspired aerodynamics, and the latest driving technologies. Just imagine the thrill of driving it in your town. I was simply amazed when I saw photos of it.

Side-view of the sexy LaFerrari

The Ferrari LaFerrari car has been targeted at people who like to collect Ferrari cars, and sell them at a later date for huge premiums. It has dynamic controls, which were previously seen only on Formula One Ferraris, like the one Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso used to drive.

Top view of the LaFerrari F1 machine

The interior design of the car is very luxuriousm, and features a human-machine interface that is usually seen in single-seater F1 cars. It also has the advanced HY-KERS system. In fact, the LaFerrari is the first Ferrari car to be powered by this system, and also has an amazing 6262 CC V12 engine. Everyone wants to know about the price of this car, but no information about this car's price has been announced as yet.

From: Ferrari