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Luxury Motor Yachts - Cost and Features

Luxury Motor Yachts - Cost And Features
Luxury motor yachts are powered by a motor and not by sails. They usually have a professional crew to take you to your favourite vacation islands in maybe the Carribbean or Europe. Some luxury motor yachts are exclusively owned by millionaire businessmen and celebrities. Many are owned by private luxury yacht charter companies who rent them out to customers while some are owned by rich folk who rent them out part time to charter companies. Luxury boat building and yacht charter companies are usually situated in the United States and Western Europe. Some top luxury yacht companies are Azimut Benetti and Lurssen.

Small yachts - they are around 75 feet, have slow speeds and less features. They may cost around 20,000 euros for a weeks stay in a 75 foot yacht. In America, small yachts around 32 to 50 feet can cost around 1,300 to 6,000 for a weeks stay.

luxury motor yachts private charter yacht angel analeisse speedboats jetskiis helicopterAngel Luxury Yacht - The Angel is an 88 foot yacht which can fit around 10 people and five crew members. It costs around 5000 to 7000 euros per day to charter depending on the season. The Angel and other medium sized yachts like it have a cruising speed of around 26 knots. Facilites include five luxurious cabins with ensuite bathrooms, a jet ski, radar and echo sounder. Costs around 7,000 - 30,000 US dollars for a weeks stay.

Super yachts are yachts which around 100 to 250 feet and have around three decks. They can house around 12- 14 guests plus crew. Superyachts have better facilites than meduim sized yachts. They cost around 30,000 to 70,000 US dollars for a weeks stay.

luxury motor yachts private charter yacht angel analeisse speedboats jetskiis helicopterThe Annaleisse - This is a top end large luxury yacht. It is very long - 280 ft and has space for about 36 passengers and 10 crew members. A top end luxury yacht like the Annaleisse can cost as much as 120,000 euros for a day's stay. The Annaleisse is powered by a powerful 2 x 2.030 HP Caterpillar Engine. Facilities available aboard a large yacht like Annaleisse include air conditioning, Satellite television, plasma TV's, DVD players, Audio Video library, a gym, sauna Jacuzzi, barbecue, wet bar, elevator, beauty salon, business center, helicopter landing area, two open speed boats for water skiing, jet skiis and diving equipment. This yacht costs around 80,000 to 100,000 dollars for a weeks stay.

Huge Luxury Yachts - are around 328 feet in lenght and have facilites like helicopter hangars , indoor swimming pools and submarines. They can house as many as 100 people and can cost a fortune of around 110,000 US Dollars and above for a weeks stay.

Yachts which are less than 75 feet usually don't have a crew and are cheaper. Of course there are off season discounts which you can avail for a low cost luxury yacht holiday. However, see that the rate the charter company charges you includes costs like service charges of the crew, fuel and maintence costs and takes or you may have to pay much more than you have budgeted.

luxury motor yachts private charter yacht angel analeisse speedboats jetskiis helicopterSo whether you are looking for a Mediterranean vacation to exotic areas like Monaco,The French and Italian Riverias, Islands of Greece, Turkey and the Spanish Balearics or are looking for a holiday nearer home in the Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida and the Virgin Islands - there is an ideal yacht just a click away. Fill in the online form or call up charter companies to bargain for the best luxury motor yacht charter rate.

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