Thursday, October 18, 2012

Furs Class – Private Jet Service For Pets and Dogs

If you don’t like leaving your pet in a box in a plane’s freight section, then you can always book a seat on a private jet that allows pets. One private jet company that allows pets on certain flights is Victor, a London-based private jet company.

Dogs Sitting Inside the Private Jet Charter Flight

Victor launched its ‘Furs Class’ service in September 2012, through which you can take your pets along on a private jet. Your dogs or cats won’t have to travel cargo anymore. You can now bring them along in style, to sit with you on the flight. This service has been specially targeted at dog owners, as dogs are the pet people want to take along the most, while travelling to other places (especially while on vacation).

As part of their ‘Furs Class’ service, Victor private jets has introduced an online community of pet owners, who can get together, show their interest in preferred flying dates/times/routes, and reduce the cost of the private jet charter. With Victor’s ‘Furs Class’ service, your pets (dogs or cats) will get their very own seat, beside you, enjoying the same flying facilities that you do. The private jet company also arranges for treats and toys, for your pets.

Dogs Getting Off The Private Charted Jet Flight

Taking your pet with you in the aircraft cabin helps prevent risks associated with keeping a pet in the cargo hold (many pets have been known to die in the freight section of an aircraft, due to cold or lack of oxygen). It also helps prevent stress and anxiety for your pet. As there will be like-minded pet owners flying with you on this pet-friendly private jet, you won’t have to bother about complaints from other flyers.

Victor private jets also allows very small pets to fly for free, as part of their ‘Furs Class’ service. Otherwise, the price for flying a pet (dog, cat or other animal) on a Victor private jet flight is around the same as that for a human, for the same flight.

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This is a very good service.The facilities provided for the pets too will help them to enjoy their travel.