Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sobranie Luxury Cigarettes - Smoking Rich

If you wish to brag about how much money you have without being too obvious, smoking a luxury cigarette can do the trick. Sobranie cigarettes is one of the top premium tobacco brands in the market. While they produce many varieties, the two premium varieties are: Sobranie Cocktail (pastel colours) and Sobranie Black Russian (black paper). These are bought by the super rich and other high fliers, who can afford to pay the price for them.

Sobranie Premium Cigarettes: Black Russian on the left, Cocktail on the right

Unlike Cuban cigars, which most rich people like to stash, Sobranie premium cigarettes are completely legal. Both the Cocktail and Black Russian variety of luxury cigarettes have filters made of pure gold foil, and are a pure joy to hold between the fingers of your hand.

Black Russian cigarettes in the beautiful Sobranie case

The original Sobranie cigarettes were handmade in Russia, before the Redstone family developed the tobacco blend and began manufacturing them in London. The royals of various countries such as Russia, Greece, England, Spain and Romania ordered them, and they became very popular amongst the rich and super elite. A pack of 20 Sobranie Cocktail or Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes costs about 12 UK pounds.

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