Friday, December 28, 2012

World's Most Expensive Champagne Cooler – Van Perckens Cooler For $724,460

The world’s most expensive champagne cooler is a limited-edition Van Perckens champagne cooler made from solid gold, which is priced at an astounding $724,460. This luxury champagne bucket is made from seven kilograms of 20 carat gold, and has precious stones studded all over it.

The solid gold Van Perckens champagne cooler bucket

When rich folk celebrate, they do it in style. Donald Trump, the famous real estate billionaire is known to have spent $365,000 on a mobile champagne cooler. Hence, many elite high-net individuals are expected to want to buy this luxury champagne bucket, for enhancing their status at their private celebratory parties.

Dutch craftsman making the gold champagne bucket

The Van Perckens luxury champagne cooler is a combination of gold, crystal, precious stones and traditional Dutch craftsmanship. It is a work of art, which could one day prove to be of great value, as it is a limited-edition champagne cooler. Billionaires spend millions on champagne at their parties, and this champagne bucket will allow them serve champagne in fine style.

The Van Perckens luxury champagne cooler is also available in sterling silver, and silver/gold. Each champagne cooler comes in a Rosewood case with gold embellishments. Inside the case is a sliding drawer which contains a pair of tailored black gloves, and six champagne tulip glasses.

The luxury champagne cooler with its rosewood case

If a customer wishes, Van Perckens will customise the design of the luxury champagne cooler to meet their needs. Each champagne bucket is available for sale for the price of $724,460, or Euro 500,000.

What do you think of this luxury champagne cooler? Would you like one for showing off to your super-elite guests?

From: Van Perckens

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