Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meneghini Three-Door La Cambusa Refrigerator: $41,500

This three-door La Cambusa refrigerator is suitable for the kitchens of luxurious mansions, managed by a gourmet chef. It is designed by Meneghini, an Italian fridge manufacturing company, and can be bought for the price of $41,500.

La Cambusa refrigerator designed by Meneghini from Italy

The three-door La Cambusa refrigerator is an all-in-one refrigerator unit, which can be custom-fitted with a wide variety of modern kitchen appliances, other than the standard fridge and freezer. These kitchen appliances consist of a coffee maker, an ice-maker, a steam oven, a microwave oven and a standard oven. The La Cambusa refrigerator can also hold a fitted pantry and a double pantry.

Refrigerator with coffee maker, microwave oven and standard oven

The fitted pantry in the upper part of the three-door La Cambusa refrigerator has four spaces, while the lower part has a sliding level with the capacity to hold 100 kg cases of water and soft drinks. It also has one drawer for wines and spirits, and two small door shelves.

Like all Meneghini fridges, the three-door La Cambusa refrigerator also has a solid wood structure, with handles and hinges made from natural brushed or chromed brass. It is available for sale for the price of about $41,500.

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