Monday, December 3, 2012

The Rolling Stones Whiskey Bottle With Giant Tongue

If you are a Mick Jagger or Rolling Stones fan, then you’d like this unique bottle of whiskey. It is not the whiskey in the bottle that has got people talking, but the shape of the bottle…which resembles Mick Jagger’s tongue.

Rolling Stones Whiskey Bottle With Mick Jagger's Tongue

This bottle of blended whiskey has been launched to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of The Rolling Stones, which was formed in 1962, in London. It is made by Suntory, a Japanese liquor brand. As this Rolling Stones whiskey is a limited edition blend of whiskey, only 150 bottles will be available for sale. All these bottles have the Rolling Stones signature logo of giant lips and tongue sticking out.

The Rolling Stones Golden Jubilee Whisky is a blend of six malts, which have been carefully selected. These blends were distilled and casked in some of the milestone years, of the Rolling Stones’ 50-year career. For example, one malt is the Yamazaki malt whisky that was distilled in 1962, the year the rock band was formed.

The whisky bottle and its black sofa-like case

According to whisky connoisseurs, The Rolling Stones Whiskey is weighty, with a complex aroma that reminds one of both dried and ripened fruits. There is also a hint of espresso and cacao in its aroma. The taste of the blended whisky is slightly bitter, and the rich heaviness expands in the mouth with a velvety smoothness.

The Rolling Stones Whisky comes in a special crystal bottle, which has the shape of their lips and sticking-out-tongue logo moulded on the glass. The bottle also has a unique diamond-shaped stopper, and the bottle is placed in a stylish black box that is designed to look like a plush black sofa.

What do you think of this unique Rolling Stones Whiskey bottle? Will it surprise your guests when you open your wet-bar?

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