Monday, December 3, 2012

Swarovski-Crystal Water-Based Vacuum Cleaner For $21,900

Take a look at this sparkling Swarovski crystal-studded water-based vacuum cleaner. Manufactured by Hyla US, this shimmering vacuum cleaner has about 32,000 Swarovski crystals embedded on it by hand. It was decorated by Bling-my-Thing, a design company that is renowned for creating blinged-up sparkling expensive items.

The Swarovski crystals on the sparkling HYLA vacuum cleaner

The designer is believed to have taken more than 100 hours to carefully stick the Swarovski crystals all over the Hyla water-based vacuum cleaner. The original black exterior of this luxury vacuum cleaner has also been further enhanced with white, gray and black Swarovski elements, to make it shimmer and sparkle in the dimmest light.

This Swarovski crystal studded luxury vacuum cleaner is not just a showpiece, but functions just like your regular air cleaning system. It stylishly cleans a room, without you having to deal with messy filters and paper bags, as it is a water vacuum cleaner. This means that all the dirt that is vacuumed by the HYLA vacuumer goes into water, which can later be easily thrown out.

The Swarovski-studded water-based HYLA vacuum cleaner is available for sale at the price of $21,900.

The crystal-covered water-based vacuum cleaner

What do you think of this sparkling water-based vacuum cleaner? Would you spend $21,900 to buy it for your home?

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