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The People’s Palace in Glasgow, Scotland

The People's Palace is a small red stone building located on Glasgow Green, in Glasgow, Scotland. It was established in January 1898 by the Earl of Rosebery as a cultural center for the people of Glasgow, and was one of the first palaces to be open to ordinary people. The architecture of The People’s Palace was designed by Alexander B. McDonald, an engineer of Glasgow town.

People's Palace in Glasgow, Scotland

Today, the Glasgow People’s Palace is a museum, which contains displays about the social history of Glasgow, from 1750 to the current year. While there are exhibits and films on the ground and first floors, the third floor holds a small picture gallery.

Interior of People's Palace Museum in Glasgow, Scotland

Some of the displays in the People’s Palace are the ‘Single End Home’ (a one-room house), ‘The Steamie’ (a group laundry system), Billy Connolly’s banana boots, ‘Dancing at the Barrowlands’ (ballroom dancing), and various World War Two exhibits.

In the nineties, an artist named Ken Currie was commissioned to create a number of paintings on the ceiling dome of the People’s Palace and Museum. These paintings show the history of workers in Glasgow, and depict the Carlton Weavers Massacre, which happened in 1787.

Doulton Fountain in People's Palace in Glasgow, Scotland

The People’s Palace also has a beautiful fountain, named the Doulton Fountain, outside its main entrance. The Doulton Fountain is the world’s largest terracotta fountain, and measures a massive 46 feet in height, and 70 feet in width. It has a figure of Queen Victoria and statues of people representing different parts of the erstwhile-British Empire (like Canada, Australia, India and South Africa). This majestic fountain was made to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887.

The Winter Garden Glasshouse in Glasgow, Scotland

At the side of The People’s Palace in Glasgow is the Winter Gardens, a stylish Victorian glasshouse garden filled with brilliantly coloured tropical plants. The Winter Garden holds a range of flower exhibitions and events all year-round, which is always a treat to see. There is also a small café in The People’s Palace glasshouse, which serves up Scottish confections and coffee.

The People’s Palace is open on all days from 11:00am to 5:00 pm, except on Mondays. The Winter Gardens of the palace are open daily, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. While no royal family has ever stayed here, it is still a palace – The People’s Palace.

What do you think of The People’s Palace in Glasgow? Would you like a palace museum like it in your own country?

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