Friday, January 4, 2013

Pet Houses: Crystal Studded ‘Hello Kitty’ Dog Bed

Check out this cute blingy dog/cat bed. Decorated with around 7,600 crystal beads, this luxury doghouse and bed is priced at a huge $30,000. It has a pink cushion for the dog to lie down on, in the shape of the ‘Hello Kitty’ character. This pink cushion is also decorated with sparkling crystals.

Luxury dog house studded with crystals

This luxury crystal-embellished dog bed is not very big, and can only house small dogs like a Chihuahua or a terrier, or maybe a cat. It was designed for a special sales event by a department store in Tokyo, Japan. Not many of these luxury dog houses or kennels are available, as this was an exclusive item for promotional purposes only.

What do you think of this crystal-studded dog house bed? Would you like one for your dog, or are you afraid your pet would mess it up?

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Dog Bed Supplier said...

Impressive! :) That is one expensive dog bed. It's worth the price since dogs can be man's precious companions too.