Friday, August 24, 2012

Chateau Petrus - King Of Wine Investments

Over the past few years, the demand for Chateau wines has increased tremendously over the world, as wine connoisseurs and collectors queue up to purchase them. Most collectors consider Chateau wines a safe investment, of which Chateau Pétrus (a fine and expensive wine), is believed to be the best investment. In fact, Chateau Petrus was recently dubbed as ‘the king of wine investments’ by Anthony Hanson, the wine specialist at Christie’s Auction House.

This moniker was given at the Fine and Rare Wine Specialist course, which was held in Palais Coburg in Vienna, in July 2012. Prior to announcing that Chateau Petrus would be declared the ‘king of wine investments’, Anthony Hanson had conducted an assessment of the price performance of a variety of top chateau wines, and collectible chateau wines. After this assessment, it was learnt that Chateau Petrus yielded an average annual return of 14 percent, through bull and bear markets.

In the past, we have seen people buying Chateau Petrus bottles, at record-breaking rates. Earlier in 2012, a Chateau Petrus vintage from 1961 sold for $144,000 at a wine auction held by Christie’s. According to wine specialist Anthony Hanson, Petrus (the Bordeaux wine estate in the Pomerol appellation) had produced a large number of great vintage from 1989 onwards. Hanson praised Petrus’ ability to create celebrated wines of true ‘purity and richness’, and for not being overpowered by new oak.

The wine specialist also ascribed Chateau Pétrus’ reliability on its favouring of traditional wine-making methods, rather than modern winemaking technology which drives other chateau wines. While speaking on what chateau wines to buy as an investment, Hanson emphasized on the need to focus on Bordeaux’s ‘Big Ten’ wines. Bordeaux is the largest wine grape growing area in France, and consists of all five first-growths, together with Petrus, Ausone, Le Pin, Chevel Blanc and Lafleur.

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