Friday, October 5, 2012

Mercedes-Benz Electric Car - SLS AMG Electric Drive

Wow, electric cars are everywhere, and check out this car by Mercedes Benz. Leading automobile brand Mercedes Benz launched their new electric car named the ‘SLS AMG Electric Drive’. Priced at $538,625, this car is one of the most expensive electric cars in the world. The SLS AMG Electric Drive is being touted as being emission free, and according to Mercedes Benz is the ‘world’s most powerful series-production electric car’.

 Exterior of Mercedes Benz Electric Drive Car

Before I tell you about the features of the Mercedes Benz Electric Drive car, here’s a bit about its history. This car was first publicly rolled out way back in 2010, when it was known as the ‘SLS AMG E-Cell’. The SLS AMG Electric Drive is the electric-drive version of this prototype, and will be launched in the US market in June 2013, allowing people to buy it for a little more than half-a-million US dollars. Previously, the Mercedes Benz electric car was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show of 2012.

Features of the SLS AMG Electric Drive

The Mercedes Benz electric car has blue chrome finish, and is equipped with four compact electric motors. These motors generate a combined 740 horsepower, enabling the car to run at a speed of up to 250 kilometres per hour, with an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

Interior of Blue Mercedez Benz Electric Drive Car

Other features of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive car are:
  • A lithium-ion high-voltage battery: This liquid-cooled battery contains energy content of 60 kWh, with a voltage of 400 volts. It contains 12 modules with 72 lithium-ion cells, which makes a total of 864 cells. The lithium-ion battery weighs about 548 kilograms, and has an electric load capacity of 600 kW. In addition, it can be fully charged in just three hours with a special 22kw wall box. If you aren’t using the wall box, the Mercedes Benz Electric Drive car will take about 20 hours to get fully charged.
  • All-wheel drive with torque AMG Dynamics: The SLS AMG Electric Drive has four engine-four wheel all-wheel drive, which guarantees the highest driving dynamics, with high-safety in all weather conditions.
  • Body shell: Of the Mercedes Benz electric car’s other features worth talking about is its lightweight body. The shell of the electric Mercedes Benz car is incredibly light, a part of the automobile giant’s recent lightweight strategy. It has a beautiful visual paint design, and is also aerodynamically perfect. 
  • Car interiors: The SLS AMG Electric Drive has a sporty interior design, which matches the electric-blue exterior of the car. The seats are of exclusive black leather, with contrast stitching.
The car has ‘Electric Drive’ printed on its side, for that extra ‘showoff’ value. Some of the other notable features of Mercedes Benz’s Electric Drive car are its AMG ceramic composite brakes (for speed reduction), its low centre of gravity with efficient weight distribution, and its new front axle design with pushrod suspension struts.

Mercedes Benz Electric Drive Car With Doors Open

Were you impressed by the looks and features of Mercedes Benz’s Electric Drive car? Would you consider purchasing it, or are you waiting for something better?

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