Friday, October 5, 2012

Exotic Tropical Island in the Bahamas Listed for $85 Million

I’ve always thought the Bahamas are a great vacation destination, but what would be more fun? Having a private tropical island all to yourself, where you can enjoy with your family and friends, in total privacy. Now, rich billionaires have a chance to do just this by purchasing a small tropical island in the Bahamas, which has recently been listed for a staggering 85 million US dollars.

 The Bahamas are a tax-haven with a tax neutral environment. That’s why many of the rich billionaires of the world prefer settling there. The tropical islands also have beautiful scenery, an elite lifestyle, security and peace. The Bahamas Island that I am talking about is situated in the heart of the Exuma chain of islands in the Central Bahamas region. It is surrounded by white sandy beaches, and can be bought for the price of $85 million.

Features of the $85 Million Bahamas Island

This beautiful piece of real estate is situated just 30 minutes from Nassau, and an hour from Palm Beach (by plane). The tropical Bahamas property is in fact, bang in the centre of the Exuma chain of islands, a yachting paradise frequented by the billionaires of the world. This private island property is spread across 38 acres of ocean facing land, with tropical plants and palm trees growing all over it.

On the Bahamas private island are five individual dwellings, which include a manor house filled with orchids. This manor house is lavishly decorated, and has all the amenities and luxuries a billionaire would need to maintain his/her lifestyle. The other houses on this real-estate property are a beach cottage, two guest cottages, and a dwelling for the harbour master. Some of the other facilities on this Bahamas private island are:
  • A fitness centre. 
  • An entertainment building.
  • Separate club style dining. 
  • Infinity pool. 
  • Helipad. 
  • Paths for jogging and biking. 
  • A chapel built from hand cut stone.
  • A lighthouse in working order. 
  • Deep draft docks, with extended dockage facilities for smaller boats and a seaplane.
In fact, this private tropical island in the Bahamas is like a luxurious private resort. It can house as many as 22 guests of the owner, at a time. It can also accommodate as many as 29 staff members in the chef and butler’s house.

Many leading celebrities own private islands in the Bahamas, especially in the Exumas islands, where this tropical private island is also located. Some of these celebrities include Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, Eddie Murphy, Tim McGraw and David Copperfield.

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