Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brad Pitt’s Furniture Line With Frank Pollaro

Brad Pitt is now designing tables, chairs and beds. Hollywood celebrity Brad Pitt has partnered with Frank Pollaro (a New Jersey based furniture design company), to launch a line of high-end luxury furniture. These tables, beds and chairs include a long glass topped dining table and a large Art-Deco bed.

Brad Pitt discussing furniture designs with Frank Pollaro

Brad Pitt has always showed an interest in architecture and design, and is the narrator for the PBS TV show Design e2. This series shows his ‘Make It Right Foundation’, enlisting prominent architects to build good affordable housing in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Items in Brad Pitt's Furniture Line

With the launch of this furniture line, Brad Pitt will be fulfilling his long time dream of designing furniture. In his debut as furniture designer, the Hollywood star has teamed up with Frank Pollaro, a furniture design company that specialises in the Art Décor style of furniture. Brad Pitt’s collection of home furniture includes a dozen furniture pieces, comprising chairs, tables and an Art Deco-styled bed.

Brad Pitt's Art Deco-styled bed with side tables

In fact, the Art Deco-styled bed was the first piece in the furniture line, which Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro worked on together. The bed has a frame made from the best quality of glossy tropical-hardwood, together with refinements such as nickel trusses for firmly supporting the king-size mattress, shagreen foot pads, and trendy nickel side tables with silk-under-glass tops. This bed took about two years to craft.

Other furniture pieces in Brad Pitt’s furniture line include:
  • An elegant 17-foot-long dining table.
  • A stylish cocktail table.
  • A few side tables
  • A small number of club chairs
  • A bathtub for two that has been made in Statuario Venato Marble.
A large number of the furniture pieces in Brad Pitt’s furniture line features the idea of a ‘geometric single line’. The wood dining table is a good example of this, and its case has a jagged base which zigzags at unexpected angles. In addition, the glass-top side table shows off a wispy spiral metal base, which has been carefully finished in 24 karat gold.

Brad Pitt's glass side-table with 24K gold 

All pieces of furniture in Brad Pitt’s furniture line are limited-edition pieces, and will be autographed by both Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro, as a mark of their authenticity. Buyers can have them customised in a range of fine materials and finishes.

Brad Pitt’s furniture line will be showcased at a special event in New York, from November 13th-15th, during which information about the prices will be given. These prices are expected to be towards the highest end of the scale for custom furniture.

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