Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sapphire and Diamond Studded iPad Mini Case At $700,000

Have you pre-ordered an iPad Mini, yet? If yes, then you’ll be needing a trendy iPad Mini case to hold it in. While there are many plastic and crystal studded iPad Mini back covers in the market, there is no case like this sapphire and diamond encrusted iPad mini holder made by The Natural Sapphire Company in New York.

Priced at a whopping $700,000, this iPad Mini back case not only comfortably holds the smartphone, but is also an astounding piece of jewellery that is sure to attract eyeballs. The iPad Mini is a new gadget by Apple, which is half the size of an iPad, but has all the features of the big iPad. It is being touted as being 'every inch an iPad', as it delivers the same user experience, even though it is smaller in size.

 The new palm-fitting Apple iPad Mini

The Apple iPad Mini is priced at $329 onwards, and was completely sold out, within moments of it being available for sale online, when pre-orders first opened on October 26th, 2012. With this product, Apple has entered the market for small tablets. While the small tablet market is already saturated with cheaper and smaller-sized tablets, the Apple product is expected to be a top seller, mainly because of its brand value.

With the hope that a large number of people will soon be using the Apple iPad Mini, many companies have launched a range of tablet cases, back covers and holders for the product. Among them is The Natural Sapphire Company, which has come out with the most expensive iPad Mini holder ever: priced at an astounding $700,000. This expensive iPad back cover is targeted at rich millionaires and celebrities who want to make a unique style statement.

Diamond and sapphire studded iPad Mini back cover

The $700,000 diamond and sapphire encrusted iPad Mini case, is a larger and improved version of the iPhone 5 case holder, previously launched by the same company. It features a body made of 18K polished white gold, studded with 3,328 natural Ceylon blue sapphires weighing a total of 599 carats. The case holder also has an Apple logo created from 50 round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of five carats.

Phone covers and back cases usually make affordable Holiday gifts for a friend or family member who already owns the popular gadget. So, think about this gift idea this Christmas and Hanukkah.

If the price of $700,000 for this Apple iPad Mini back cover is too much for you to pay in a single go, you can choose to buy it in three ‘easy’ instalments of $233,333. Now would you buy this back case for your iPad Mini?


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