Friday, December 7, 2012

Roentgen Luxury Furniture - Art Pieces Owned By French Royalty

The rich love Roentgen luxury furniture. The Roentgen style of furniture was developed by Abraham Roentgen (the cabinet maker to Queen Marie-Antoinette of France), and German Ébéniste who established the Roentgen furniture manufactory, which became one of the most famous furniture manufacturing units in Europe.

An exquisite Roentgen furniture piece with a clock

Abraham Roentgen was renowned for the wonderful pieces of ornate luxury furniture he created. This Roentgen luxury furniture usually had features such as marquetry work, innovative mechanical fittings, hidden drawers and interesting use of inlays. Together with his son David Roentgen, Abraham Roentgen designed thousands of unique pieces of luxury furniture in the 18th century, which was picked up by the rich aristocrats of Europe. This included Louis XVI of France, King Frederick William II of Prussia, Catherine the Great of Russia, and sundry German princes and nobles.

In October 2012, an exhibition of the Roentgen’s luxury furniture was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, called ‘The Princely Furniture of the Roentgens’ Exhibition’. Here are details about some gorgeous furniture pieces that were displayed at this exhibition:

The Roentgen writing desk with hidden drawers and compartments

Writing Desk: This writing desk was made by Abraham Roentgen from 1758-62, during the prime of his career. The exterior of this luxury table depicts village landscapes or intricate architectural interiors. Inside the luxury desk are hidden drawers and secret compartments. This includes a secret niche in the tabernacle, for storing religious items.

The Roentgen Marie Antoinette music box

Music Box: This music box was designed by David Roentgen for Queen Marie Antoinette of France. On the top of the music box is a mechanical figure of Marie Antoinette that plays Gluck melodies on a Dulcimer.

Roentgen desk for viewing maps and charts

Roentgen Shape Shifting Rolltop Desk: This is one of the most famous pieces of Roentgen luxury furniture, and would cost a fortune if it was put up for auction. It also has a few hidden drawers.

Well, this is how the European royals used to live in the 18th century. What do you think of these beautiful pieces of Roentgen luxury furniture? What would you hide in the hidden secret drawers of such desks and tables, if you had one?

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