Friday, December 21, 2012

World’s Most Expensive Sheepdog – Marchup Midge

The world’s most expensive sheepdog is a black-and-white female sheepdog named Marchup Midge. She was sold for a record price of $13,500 in Skipton, North Yorkshire, to become the most expensive sheepdog in the world.

World's most expensive sheepdog - Matchup Midge

Marchup Midge is the offspring of champion pedigreed sheepdogs. She is renowned for her speed, agility and calm temperament, which is extremely necessary while rounding up sheep.

Marchup Midge was bought by Eddie Thornalley, a shepherd from Suffolk. From her photos, this sheepdog always seems to be smiling, and let’s hope Thornalley’s sheep love working under her!

While many people would like to own a sheepdog, it is important to remember that sheepdogs require a lot of space for exercise (like the hills, meadows and pastures that sheep graze in), and simple walks around the neighbourhood are not enough for them.

What do you think of this expensive sheepdog?

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