Thursday, December 20, 2012

World’s Most Expensive Lamb For $144,750

The world’s most expensive lamb is a Blackface lamp from Perthshire in Scotland. This lamb is the offspring of a Midock ewe that cost $45,000, and an Aitkenhead ram that was originally purchased for $48,250.

The Perthshire Blackface lamb at the auction

This Perthshire Blackface lamb was 12 months old when it was sold for the huge price of $144,750. It was owned by Ian Hunter, a breeder and farmer based in Perthshire. Ian Hunter also sold the twin of this blackface lamb for $96,450, at the same auction sale.

The main reason why these Blackface lambs were worth such high prices is because of their bloodline, as their parents are both rare highly-priced sheep. Sheep buyers almost fight with each other to get one of these rare lambs.

What do you think of the price paid for this Blackface lamb? Would you like to own a baby sheep like this?

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