Monday, January 14, 2013

The Archduke Joseph Diamond from Golconda Mines

The Archduke Joseph Diamond is a 76-carat Golconda diamond, which was bought for the price of US $21.5 million at a Christie's auction held in a Geneva, in November 2012. Prior to its auction, it was valued at more than US $15 million by Christie's. The diamond was purchased by an anonymous phone bidder.

Photo of the Archduke Joseph Diamond

The Archduke Joseph Diamond is a sparkling colourless diamond that is internally flawless and perfect in colour. This D-colour, cushion-shaped diamond was supposedly given its new name, after a previous owner wished to remain anonymous. It was renamed the Archduke Joseph Diamond is honour of its 'then' new owner, Archduke Joseph August of Austria.

The Archduke Joseph Diamond is one of the largest and finest diamonds from the Golconda mines, to ever be auctioned. The legendary Golconda diamond mines are located in south-central India. These diamond mines used to be the world’s only source of diamonds from 4 BC to 1730 AD, before diamonds were discovered in Brazil and South Africa.

The Golconda mines in India have produced some of the most famous diamonds in the world, such as the Dresden Green diamond, The Blue Hope diamond, The Beau Sancy diamond and The Kohinoor diamond. Now, it will also be known for the 76 carat Archduke Joseph Diamond.

Previously, when this 76-carat diamond was auctioned in November 1993 at a Christie’s auction in Geneva, it garnered a massive US $10.5 million, which had surpassed estimates and taken the world by surprise.

From: Reuters

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