Monday, January 14, 2013

Heritage Hen House – World’s Most Expensive Henhouse

If you are a high net-worth individual who like to raise hens, then you’ll love this luxury hen house. Known as the ‘Heritage Hen House’, this fancy chicken coop costs a whopping US $100,000.

The French-style Heritage Hen House 

This luxury hen house features in the annual Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2012, and is being sold by luxury department store ‘Neimun Marcus’. The Heritage Hen House is shaped like the famous Le Petite Trianon house in Versailles, France; and is considered to be the most expensive hen house in the world.

Hens in the nesting area of the luxury henhouse

Some of the features of the Heritage Hen House are:
  • A nesting area for the hens. 
  • A living room area for night-time roosting. 
  • A small living room stocked with chicken and gardening books for human visitors.

Hen house decorated with mirrors and paintings

This luxury henhouse is spread over multiple-levels, and can be customised to include the requirements of the buyer. What’s more, it also comes with a beautiful chandelier, which is sure to leave your pet hens and their baby chickens amazed!

What do you think of this luxury hen-house? Would you keep your chickens in one of these?

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