Friday, January 11, 2013

World’s First Curved OLED TV For A Panoramic Effect

Samsung Electronics Co. has launched the world’s first curved television, named the Curved OLED TV. This concave television provides a more life-like television viewing experience than flat-screen television sets. It provides users with a strong panoramic effect, which can be strongly felt while watching video featuring the natural environment and scenic landscapes.

World's first curved-screen OLED TV from Samsung

This Curved OLED TV was launched by the South Korean manufacturer at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show ‘CES’. This innovative product is actually a concept television, and has been launched mainly to check the interest of consumers in the market. It is not expected to be available for sale soon, so there is no cost price.

The world’s first OLED television by Samsung offers enhanced viewing angles, which makes people who are watching a video feel as if they are surrounded by the beautiful scenery being played out.

Samsung's curved-screen OLED TV being presented to the media

The picture quality of this concave curved-screen TV is also much better than any of the other televisions offered by Samsung. As the TV screen is curved, the distance from the viewer’s eye to the screen remains the same from almost all angles. This makes for comfortable, non eye-straining viewing.

TV screen designs have moved from convex, to flat screen, and now to concave curved screens. What do you think of this curved-screen OLED television from Samsung? Would you like watching TV on it?

From: Samsung

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