Friday, January 11, 2013

Luxury Birdhouses and Bird Mansions For Pet Birds

If you have a pet bird, you’ll love these luxury birdhouses and bird mansions, which have been specially crafted for pet birds. They are designed by John Looser, a Canadian entrepreneur, who has taken his affection for birds to another level by creating these fantastic luxury birdhouses.

John Loosen with his collection of luxury birdhouses

Each birdhouse or luxury bird mansion has been hand crafted, and constructed out of reclaimed wood. The architectural style of most of these luxury birdhouses is the 19th century European style, though small birdhouses are also available. These bird houses are especially useful in winter, to house those birds who haven’t been able to fly south for the winter.

Luxury bird mansion with red roofs

If you want to buy one of these bird mansions, the asking price ranges from US $200 and $2,500. There are a number of charming bird houses you can choose from. You can also ask John Looser from Extreme Birdhouses to custom-build an exclusive bird house, for your pet birds. In some countries, birds like sparrows are disappearing due to lack of nesting space. Such bird houses give these endangered birds a nice and comfortable place to stay, which will hopefully increase their numbers.

Birds can hide in this luxury birdhouse in the winter

What do you think of these luxury birdhouses? Have you ever owned pet birds? Would you buy one of these luxury bird mansions for them?

From: ExtremeBirdhouse

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