Thursday, January 17, 2013

Imperial Princess Yacht - 40 Metre Luxury Yacht

Check out this luxury cruising yacht. This beautiful vessel is the Imperial Princess Yacht, a newly launched luxury yacht from Princess Yachts (one of the foremost yacht making companies in England).

Exterior of the Imperial Princess Yacht

The Imperial Princess Yacht measures 40 metres (132 feet) in length, and is the largest luxury yacht to be manufactured by Princess Yachts. It has lavishly decorated interior and exterior spaces, which any millionaire would feel at home in. About 12 guests can comfortably stay aboard this luxury yacht, with around seven crew members to serve them.

The Saloon of the Imperial Princess Yacht

The Imperial Princess Yacht has three decks, and a sleek appearance which hides the fact that the rooms are really spacious from the inside. It also has drop-down balconies that extend from the saloon, and provides a nice space for entertaining and parties. The yacht weighs a huge 230 tonnes, but can still cruise at high speeds of 23 knots. This luxury sailing yacht has twin-diesel engines that provide 7000 horsepower.

The lavish master suite in the luxury yacht

The master suite of the 40 metre Imperial Princess Yacht is located on the main deck. It is very spacious, and has a beautifully-designed bathroom, walk-in closets and an ante-room. All rooms and furnishings in this luxury yacht can be customised by the buyer, to suit his or her individual tastes and styles. There is also underfloor heating in all bathrooms, including the bathroom in the master suite and guest bathrooms.

The sundeck and small bar on the roof of the luxury yacht

A great feature of Princess Yachts’ new 132 foot yacht is its two staircases. There is a grand staircase linking each deck (including the sundeck) for the yacht owner and his guests, and a smaller, discrete staircase for the use of the crew members. In addition, there is ample space below the main deck, where about five extra staterooms can be added.

What do you think about the Imperial Princess Yacht? Would you like to buy a luxury yacht like it?

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