Sunday, November 18, 2012

Most Expensive Kitchen Range - Electrolux’s $100,000 Molteni Cooker

Priced at $100,000, the world’s most expensive kitchen range is Electrolux’s Molteni Range Cooker. This luxury kitchen range is targeted at rich food enthusiasts and wealthy millionaires, who wish for professionally cooked food in their homes, and can afford to hire expensive chefs to cook for them.
Electrolux's Molteni cooking range stove with gold trim

The Molteni Range Cooker from Electrolux is the preferred cooking range of some of the most famous chefs in the world, and can be customised according to customer needs and the cooking style of the chef. It has a number of professional cooking features built into it, which include a:

  • Combination Oven 
  • Blast Chiller 
  • Precision Vacuum Sealer 
  • Stand Mixer

Stoves that come with Molteni Range Cookers

The Molteni kitchen range cooker can be customised according to size, materials and colours. Customers also have the option to choose from:

  • An electric solid top or a gas solid top.
  • A hot cupboard, fryer.
  • A fry top.
  • A hot surface, induction or gas burner.
  • A gas oven or an electric static oven.

If a chef prefers to work with a French top, they can ask Electrolux to customise the Molteni kitchen range cooker to include a thick cast iron plate, which graduates in temperature from cool to hot, across its length.

Blue Molteni kitchen range stove for luxurious households

However, the Molteni kitchen range is quite heavy, with the oven door itself weighing a massive 40 kilograms. The cooker is compatible with other Grand Cuisine components. The price of the full kitchen range starts from $103,000 (about 80,000 Euros) and rises as high as $206,000. This excludes the cost of the Molteni stove, which is priced at about $27,200.

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