Friday, December 28, 2012

World’s Most Expensive Bike – CosmicStar Cruiser for $1 Million

The world’s most expensive bicycle is an art bike named the Cosmic Star Cruiser, which has been priced at a whopping one million dollars. The main reason why this bike is priced so high is because it has been designed by Jack Armstrong, a renowned pop artist.

Jack Armstrong holding the colourfully painted bicycle

Jack Armstrong began painting when he was five years old, and went on to develop a unique style of art in the nineties, which he termed Cosmic Extensionalism. Being a bit eccentric, he announced he was re-purchasing all his paintings, and would only paint a total of 100 paintings during his lifetime.

In the past, Jack Armstrong had designed a Harley Davidson motorbike named the Cosmic Starship motorcycle, which was also priced at one million dollars. His new one-million-dollar art bicycle is twice the price of the previous holder of the world’s most expensive bicycle, which was a bike designed by Damien Hirst for charity.

Close-up of artwork on Jack Armstrong's one million dollar bike

Together with the Cosmic Star Cruiser bike, Jack Armstrong also launched his final painting named ‘Future Magic’. This painting is priced at $6 million.

What do you think of this colourful bike by Jack Armstrong? Do you fancy yourself riding one of these around the neighbourhood?

From: Jack Armstrong


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Amazing Artbike, Armstrong is the new Warhol, Ahead of his time.