Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Luxury Tree Houses For Pet Cats

Check out these luxury tree houses for pet cats. Cats love to climb trees, and are even known to climb up Christmas trees, without any regard for the carefully put up decorations. Now, Pet Tree Houses, a company that manufactures indoor natural habitats for cats, has developed a unique luxury tree house for active indoor cats.

Luxury tree house for pet cats

Each feline tree house has been handcrafted from real trees, with each taking about 1,000 individual cuts to make. Some of the luxury tree houses for cats which are made by this company are the Mature Tree house, the Sycamore tree house, the Deluxe Seedling, and the Sapling tree house.

Features of the Mature Tree house for Cats

Each Mature Tree house is made from a combination of cedar and wood. The leaves on the tree above the little cat-house are made from synthetic silk, and the home also has plush carpeting for cats that love luxury.

Litter tray in the luxury treehouse for cats

There are stands at different levels with sand in them. Cats can use this as a litter box, and they are easy to clean. The total height of the luxury Mature Tree house is seven feet, which is great for indoor home cats to play in their natural environment, without fear of being attacked by dogs or feral cats.

The price of the Mature Tree House starts from US $1,299. The cost is a bit expensive, but nothing compared to what you would have to pay if your cat destroyed your expensive furniture and upholstery, while climbing around your house. All these cat house trees are indoor trees, meant to be used inside your house only, and are guaranteed for life.

What do you think of this luxury tree house for pet cats? Would you like one for your kitty?

From: Pet Tree Houses

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