Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rotende De Cartier Panther Watch With Gold Granulation Work

Check out this beautiful gold Cartier watch with the design of a panther’s face on the dial. It has 307 diamonds on the perimeter of the dial and the strap-holders, and a black strap made of alligator skin.

Rotende De Cartier Panthere Watch

The panther has been a signature symbol of Cartier, the French jeweller and luxury watch maker, for more than 165 years. It is usually incorporated in the design of many of their products, like earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings. Baby panthers or leopards also feature prominently in Cartier advertisments and promotional material.

Cartier had once made a beautiful Panthere brooch for Wallis Simpson, the ‘Duchess of Windsor’ in the 1940s, which made the design very popular. The Duchess was the wife of King Edward VII, a lady whom the King had to abdicate his throne to marry, because she was divorced twice.

Etruscan Granulation Technique

This gold Rotende de Cartier Panthere watch is from their Cartier d’Art line, which showcases unique forms of art from different cultures. The panther design on this gold watch has been meticulously created using a unique granulation technique, which has been perfected by goldsmiths over the years.

This gold granulation technique was first used during the first millennium in the Ertruia region. It involved the fusing of small gold granules, of different sizes, to create beautiful patterns and motifs. This form of gold decoration is also known as Etruscan granulation.

Artisan using the Etruscan Granulation technique to make the watch

For creating the gold panther design on the 22-carat yellow-gold dial of the Rotende de Cartier Panthere watch, each tiny gold granule was painstakingly placed by hand, one after the other to form the panther pattern. These gold granules were placed in such a way, that they sparkle from different angles.

The Panther Rotende de Cartier watch measures 42mm, and is made from 18-carat yellow gold. On the case of the watch are 306 brilliantly-cut diamonds, measuring 3.63 carats in total. The beaded crown of this luxury Cartier watch is set with a diamond, and the strap of the watch is made from black alligator skin.

The gold panther head on the Rotende de Cartier watch

Only 20 pieces of this panther Rotende de Cartier watch will be available. As it is a limited-edition watch, it is expected to become a collector’s item in the future. Well, what does this luxury gold watch cost? The price has not been released as yet, but being a branded Cartier piece made of gold and diamonds, the price is expected to be in the unaffordably exorbitant price range.

What do you think of this luxury Rotende de Cartier Panthere watch? Cute or scary?

From: Cartier

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