Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Johnnie Walker's McLaren Mercedes Whiskey For $48,500 A Bottle

Johnnie Walker, the famous scotch whiskey manufacturer, is a sponsor of the McLaren Mercedes Formula One team, and has now introduced a special limited-edition McLaren Mercedes Whiskey. This bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky has been created by Jim Beveridge (one of the company’s master blenders), based on a formula made by combining F1 driver Jenson Button’s choice of whiskies, to create a new blend.

Bottle of limited-edition Johnnie Walker McLaren Mercedes Whiskey

Only 25 bottles of this limited-edition Johnnie Walker McLaren Mercedes Whiskey will be available for sale, which makes it a unique collectible for whisky aficionados. This bottle of Formula One blended whisky is made from Johnnie Walker’s first-class stock of rare malt and grain whiskies, and is designed as a tribute to McLaren’s leading Formula One team and drivers.

Jenson Button sniffing different rare whiskys at the Johnny Walker house

Each bottle of Johnnie Walker McLaren Mercedes Whiskey is priced at £30,000 or US $48,500. These bottles of limited-edition blended whisky are available for sale at the Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai, China, by exclusive invitation only. This whisky outlet is the first Johnny Walker boutique to be opened in a foreign country (out of Scotland).

Jenson Button and Jim Beveridge at the Shanghai Johnnie Walker House

The bottle of golden Johnnie Walker McLaren Mercedes whiskey comes in a special crystal bottle, with ‘Signature Blend’ written on it. People who buy this bottle of rare Johnny Walker whiskey will also be given a customised ‘Johnnie Walker Step Inside the Circuit’ trip, which gives them behind-the-scenes access to a Formula One race at any city they choose.

Do you watch Formula One racing? What do you think of this limited-edition bottle of Johnnie Walker McLaren Mercedes whiskey?

From: Johnnie Walker

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