Friday, January 11, 2013

Record Your Music At Villa Rockstar in Hotel Eden Rock

The Villa Rockstar in Hotel Eden Rock provides a calm environment where professional musicians and rock musicians can compose music, and relax. It is located on the island of St. Barths in the Caribbean, near Antigua and St. Martin. Even if you are only a music enthusiast, you may cut your own album and fulfil a life long ambition of having your own recorded music CDs, during a stay at Villa Rockstar.

Exterior of the Villa Rockstar in Hotel Eden Rock, Caribbean Islands

There is a well-equipped recording studio at the Villa Rockstar that makes this possible. This music recording studio is equipped with the vintage ‘Neve Music Recording Console’, which was used by John Lennon to record the hit song ‘Imagine’. Hotel Eden Rock offers two music recording packages that wannabe rockstars can select from: The Island Demo and the Platinum Collaboration.

Hi-tech Recording Studio in Villa Rockstar
  • The Island Demo: Guests who choose this music recording package will be charged the price of $2,575 to record a single song. For this song recording, they will be assisted by Hotel Eden Rock’s professional team of sound engineers, together with some of the best musicians from St. Barth. If a guest wants to improve on their song recording, they have the option of getting it mixed by a platinum engineer at Ocean Way Recording Studios in Los Angeles.
  • The Platinum Collaboration: This music recording package allows guests to record songs for the price of $7,240 per song. It involves the use of interactive software to enable the guest to communicate with one of the hotel’s multi-platinum music producers, who will be sitting in their music studios in London, Los Angeles, New York or Nashville. They will add backing musicians to improve the guests’ song, and create a highly professional master song.

If you don’t wish to record a song, you can simply stay at the Villa Rockstar and enjoy the beach, sun and sea. A night’s stay at this villa costs US $15,000. The Villa Rockstar in St.Barths is a secure, ultra luxury house, and has often been described as a ‘$100 yacht on land’. It has three levels, and four ultra-luxurious suites.

A bedroom in one of the suites at Hotel Eden Rock

Some of the other features of Villa Rockstar in Hotel Eden Rock are a fully-equipped Schiffini kitchen, a sports area, private office space, an indoor games lounge and a large swimming pool. The luxury hotel suite also has a separate spa pool with surrounding decks, sun lounges and ample seating.

Sunbeds in the spa pool area of this St. Barths hotel

If you book a room at this Caribbean hotel, you will get special VIP greeting services at Antigua or St.Martin, with airport transfers from the airport at St. Barths. What do you think of the Villa Rockstar at the Hotel Eden Rock in the Caribbean? What song would you like to record while on a stay here?

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