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Pure Gold Shirt Worth $235,000 - World’s Most Expensive Shirt

The world’s most expensive shirt is a 22 carat pure-gold shirt made for Datta Phuge, a businessman from India. The total cost of this shirt is $235,000. Also known as the ‘Gold Man of Pimpri’, Datta Phuge is a 32-year old money lender, with a passion for gold. He lives in the Pimpri-Chinchwad area of Pune, in Maharashtra, India.

Datta Phuge in his pure-gold shirt, holding gold belt

Datta Phuge inherited a large amount of gold from his parents, and always dreamt of wearing a shimmering shirt made from solid gold. He commissioned a local jeweller, namely Ranka Jewellers, to design this custom-made gold shirt for him. While in 2013, this shirt cost $235,000, its price is expected to appreciate in the future, as the price of gold is always on the increase. Hence, this shirt is also a good investment.

Datta Phuge’s gold shirt has been crafted from 3.5 kilograms of 22-carat solid gold. It has about 14,000 gold flowerings, which have been interlaced with 100,000 spangles. This has been sewn onto a fine velvet lining, to ensure the gold designs do not prick the wearer, and cause discomfort. For buttons, the shirt has six Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski crystal buttons on gold shirt

The world’s most expensive solid gold shirt was made by 15 goldsmiths, who worked for 15 days, at the rate of 18-hours a day, to make this beautiful shirt. In fact, this gold shirt looks sort of like the armour vests worn by soldiers in medieval times, like those shown in The Lord of the Rings movies.

This flashy gold shirt also has its own gold belt, which costs extra. According to sources, Datta Phuge decided to get this shirt made to ring in the New Year. He is believed to have worn it for a New Year's party, along with 11 pounds of other gold accessories, including extravagant gold chains, heavy rings and bracelets. Now, that's a lot of bling!

The $235,000 solid gold shirt

Other than the 3.5 kilograms of gold used in the shirt, Datta Phuge also owns 22 pounds of gold as various jewelry items. This includes 10 chains, 6 bracelets and 25 rings. After the gold shirt, the ‘Gold Man of Pimpri’ plans to have a gold phone made, with its cover made from pure gold.

What do you think of this solid gold shirt? Would you like to wear a shirt like this?

From: PuneMirror

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