Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aquos - World’s Largest LED HDTV At 90 Inches

Japanese consumer electronics company Sharp has beaten its 2011 record of the world’s largest LED HDTV by announcing the commercial launch of its new 90 inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV. Last year, Sharp had introduced the 80-inch Aquos LC-80LE632U, as the world’s largest LED HDTV.

This announcement was made at a glittering event held in New York City, where it was also stated that the new 1080p Sharp Aquos LC-90LE745U uses less than 150 watts of power, and thus costs a customer only about $28 per year to operate. According to market analysts, the strategy of annually expanding both the size and the price of their HDTVs has helped Sharp expand its reach, considerably.

Features of Sharp’s 90 inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV

Priced at $10,999, Sharp’s 90 inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV is around four feet tall and more than six feet wide. Its picture quality is as great as its size, with the LED HDTV displaying crystal clear images at HD 1080p resolution. As the TV is very light and slim (weighing only 141 pounds without a stand), it is expected to be very easy for people to hang on the wall.

The 5-inch deep Aquos LED LCD HDTV includes Sharp’s proprietary SmartCentral, and offers users direct access to the most popular video-on-demand websites like YouTube, Netflix, CinemaNow and Hulu Plus. In addition, Sharp’s 90 inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV also allows web browsing and Skype communications, with its built-in Wi-Fi facility.

Moreover, the world’s largest LED HDTV is a fully active 3D TV, and comes with two 3D glasses to enable customers to watch their favourite 3D movies. It also has AquoMotion 240, which prevents pictures from blurring, especially during fast-paced action movies or live sports events.

Also, like other Wi-Fi enabled television sets manufactured by Sharp, the 90 inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV TV features Aquos Advantage LIVESM, a free service that allows customers to connect with a trained customer support executive, over the internet.

Sharp’s 90 inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV is currently only available at high-end electronic stores, for the fantastic price of $10,999.

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gman said...

Sharp certainly sets themselves apart with this model, and they have some awesome features too, like LIVESM. I have a Sharp projector and I love it, which replaced my DLP that was too big. Still, the amazing picture on this would impress anyone. My Dish co-worker tells me my projector is just as good as my old DLP, but I know he’s just being nice. I think the projector would look terrible though without my HD 1080p channels from Dish. I need the best quality to use the projector’s 1080p capability to its fullest, and I get that, with more HD channels than any other provider.