Saturday, June 9, 2012

Birks Bubble-Gum Pink Diamond Ring

The rarity of coloured diamonds has made them extremely popular with diamond collectors and investors, alike. One of the latest colored diamonds to attract public attention is an exquisite bubble-gum pink diamond worth $2.5 million. This diamond will make its debut public appearance at the Birks Jewellery Store in the city of Edmonton, in Canada. This pink diamond is the anchor exhibit of a sparkling collection of 45 precious stones and jewellery pieces.

This collection of precious stones will be making its way to select stores all across Canada, until a suitable customer is found. If you want to catch a glimpse of the bubble-gum pink diamond, you’ll have to place a booking in advance. According to sources at Birks, many billionaire investors have already booked appointments to view the pink diamond, and may even purchase it, if it meets their expectations.

Birks Bubble-Gum Diamond Ring

Compared to other diamonds, the Birks Bubble-Gum Pink Diamond has distinctive pink and purple hues, which when combined, generates an extremely rare shade of bubble-gum pink. The 10-carat diamond is quite big in size, and was carefully cut and polished from a 21.35 carat stone, harvested from a mine in Africa. After this, the Bubble-Gum Pink Diamond was set in a beautiful platinum ring.

According to a Birks official, the Bubble-Gum Pink Diamond ring has been freshly created in the jeweller’s workshops. The source claimed that the pink gem had almost never been used by its previous owner, and is more of a collector’s piece. The giant ring is not a piece of jewelry that one could wear everyday, and it is expected that it would be purchased only by a jewelry collector, who has in-depth knowledge about the value of diamonds.

About Pink Diamonds

Most of the pink diamonds available in the market have been mined in Australia’s Argyle mine. As a matter of fact, officials recently discovered a 12.76 carat rock, right there. Pink diamonds are extremely rare. Here’s a fact to prove it: Christie’s (the famous auction house), is believed to have auctioned only a few pink diamond over 10 carats, in the past three hundred years.

However, the Bubble-Gum Pink Diamond in the platinum ring is not the first pink diamond to garner public attention in Canada. Two years ago, a pink diamond was sold at the Circa Auctions in Toronto for a staggering $2.3 million. This price has been recorded as the highest price ever paid for a precious stone in Canada, ever!

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