Monday, July 23, 2012

Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner Priced At $1,000,000

Vacuum cleaner seller GoVacuum recently introduced a luxury vacuum cleaner, which is being touted as the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner. Priced at an astounding one million US dollars, the CV62711 vacuum cleaner is plated with 24 carat gold, and has a range of stunning features. GoVacuum’s gold-plated vacuum cleaner is also a versatile cleaner, and offers different cleaning modes, a wide cleaning nozzle, a HEPA bag, and powerful motors for maximised generation of airflow.

Recently, many luxury vacuum cleaners have been launched, such as the Furot II, the Swarovski embedded ErgoRapido, and the environmentally friendly HVF robot vacuum cleaner by Electrolux. However, none of these vacuum cleaners seem to offer the hi-end ultra-luxury appeal of GoVacuum’s gold-plated vacuum cleaner. In fact, this gold vacuum cleaner is not only great for cleaning a billionaire’s mansion, but can also be a great showpiece and collector’s item.

GoVacuum’s gold-plated vacuum cleaner is fully customisable, and the process of customisation will begin once a customer purchases the product. Customisation includes engraving and gold plating, depending on the choice of the customer. Another customisable option includes a hand-sewn outer bag from any material selected by the customer. This bag will be lined by an all-metal zipper, which encases the disposable HEPA bag.

Other features of GoVacuum’s gold-plated vacuum cleaner are its:
  • Light weight. 
  • Anti-marring urethane wheels
  • 14” wide cleaning nozzle with wooden roller brush 
  • High-performance 10 amp motor.
Only 100 pieces of GoVacuum’s gold-plated vacuum cleaner will ever be produced. All pieces will be shipped free to the buyer, anywhere in the world. Each gold vacuum cleaner will be engraved with an exclusive serial number, and will come with its own certificate of authenticity. These vacuum cleaners will never be manufactured again, and are being touted an exclusive collector’s item for the ultra-rich.

The big question is, will billionaires actually buy GoVacuum’s gold-plated vacuum cleaner? What do you think?

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