Monday, July 9, 2012

World's Most Expensive Billboard

Set up by Skydive Dubai (a skydiving firm) and Go Fast beverages, the world’s most expensive signboard costs a whopping US $1.3 billion. It features an advertisement for the Denver-based Go Fast Sports and Beverage Company’s ‘Go Fast’ drink, and includes a man flying about the billboard using a jet pack.

Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world, and often adds something new to boost its prestige, and attract visitors (both for business and tourism purposes). Some innovations that Dubai is proud of are:
  • The world’s tallest building: the Burj Khalifa
  • The world’s highest fine-dining restaurant: Atmosphere at the Burj Khalifa
  • The world’s tallest hotel: the JW Marriot Marquis Hotel
With the world’s most expensive signboard (billboard), Dubai adds another feather in its cap. This billboard is priced at $1.3 billion for a month, and is placed at a crowded location in downtown Dubai, near the Burj Khalifa building. Most of this amount goes towards paying for the person with the jet pack, who flies about it for about 30 seconds before landing atop the signboard. The huge figure of $1.3 billion has been arrived at by multiplying the $500-a-second cost of using the special jet pack, by the number of minutes used in a day, into 30 days.

Skydive Dubai is a company backed by Emaar Properties, the well-known real estate company. It offers  skydiving tours in the Dubai area, enabling skydivers to get amazing views of the towering Dubai skyline. The brand Go Fast promotes itself as a drink for people who love extreme sports. With the world’s most expensive signboard to its name, Dubai has once again proved that is a world leader in innovative technology for the rich and famous.

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