Wednesday, December 12, 2012

King of Kebabs – World’s Most Expensive Kababs

The world’s most expensive kababs are estimated to cost about $1,225. They are served with a parantha type of roti (flat unleavened bread) that has been infused with saffron, and are garnished with gold leaf.

World's Most Expensive 'King of Kebabs'

The meat in the world’s most expensive kebabs come from rare milk-fed lambs, from the Pyrenees Mountains. Ingredients such as lettuce salad, microcress and Barrel Aged Yews Feta Cheese are added to the kebabs and bread, to enhance the flavour.

Other expensive ingredients that are added to the ‘King of Kebabs’ dish are:
  • Champagne infused mint. 
  • Chili sauce made from the world’s most expensive chilli. 
  • Cucumber yoghurt from the most expensive cucumbers in the world. 
  • Gold leaf as a garnish.
What do you think of the King of Kebabs platter? Want to have a bite?

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