Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rare Antique 1887 British Coin For $250,000

A rare gold coin featuring the head of Queen Victoria, has been estimated to be worth $250,000. This rare collector’s coin dates back to 1887, which was the last year when the ‘young head’ design of Queen Victoria was engraved on the gold coins. It is a one crown coin.

This engraving of the ‘young head’ was based on a design made by coin engraver William Wyon, when Queen Victoria had just ascended to the throne. It shows her as a young monarch, without a crown.

Photo of the Rare Queen Victoria Great Britain Crown

This rare Queen Victoria coin will be auctioned at Heritage Auction’s Ancient and World Coin Signature Auction, which is scheduled to be held on the 6th and 7th January in New York, USA. If it sells for its estimated price of $250,000, this rare British coin will become one of the most expensive coins in the world.

The main reason why this Queen Victoria coin is valued so high is because it is in pristine almost-new condition. It has a strong reflective lustre, rich reddish tones, and does not have any abrasions or any bruising around the edges. This is exactly what coin collectors look for when they want to purchase coins, especially at auctions.

On this rare vintage coin is an engraving of Queen Victoria, with her hair tied in two fillets, and ending in a ponytail. There are no ornaments or jewelry of any kind in her hair. Below the portrait of the Queen is a flat six-pointed star. On the back of the coin is the Order of the Garter crest, with its crowned lion, unicorn and bowed wreath.

What do you think of this rare antique Queen Victoria coin? Do you collect rare coins like this, which would be of numismatic value to coin collectors?

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