Wednesday, January 2, 2013

D23 – A Luxury Motor Boat With A Hidden Outboard Motor

If you want a spacious motor boat for day trips, then check out the D23 boat from De Antonio Yachts. This boat has a hidden outboard motor, and is perfect for sailing around the coast and can be tagged to your luxury yacht as a tender.

D-23 Luxury Motor Boat With Sunroof

The D23 luxury motor boat measures seven feet in length, and is ergonomically designed from fibreglass and polyester resin. It is more stable that other small motor boats, and can be comfortably driven even at sailing speeds of more than 30 knots.

People having dinner on the D23 luxury motor boat

This spacious luxury motor boat can hold up to six people at a time, and has a choice of different seating and configuration possibilities, which can be modified according to the number of passengers you want to fit on it. It can be converted from a sunbed to a dining area, and more.

The interior of the D23 motor boat is made of teak wood, with details in carbon fibre. The bow of the luxury boat can be opened, or closed with a sun deck. You can add a low windshield, a removable bimini or a hard top, to the bow of this cute motor boat.

The D23 motor boat speeding in the Mediterranean

The hidden outboard motor of this D23 luxury motor boat from De Antonio Yachts offers power ranging between 115HP and 175HP. It is available in a range of exciting colours with matching cushions, which customers can customise according to what they want.

What do you think of this luxury motor boat? Would you like to drive it around the waters of your local country?

From: DeAntonio Yachts

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