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Cost Of Booking Private Jets

Cost Of Booking Private Jets

reserve book private bizjet bizjets air taxi taxis corporate executive business aircraft bizprop vip jet charter flight plane cost rates faresIf you are looking to charter a private jet, bizjet or corporate jet for an urgent business meeting or event then here is some helpful information.

You can use Private jets to travel to attend events like business meetings, movie premieres, top sports events and rock concerts. Here is a list of the approximate costs of a return private jet charter flight from the cities of Los Angeles California to New York City, NY.

The cost of reserving a Light Executive Jet is usually between $27,000 to $62,000. The duration of the light bizjet can be anything between 10 - 20 minutes.

The cost of booking a Mid size Executive Jet is $36,000 to $ 84,000 for a flying time of 10 - 15 minutes.

A Heavy Executive Jet charter costs around $54,000 to $ 204,000 for a flight that lasts 10 - 12 minutes.

An Airliner Jet is a bit more expensive and costs around $152,000 - $167,000 per charter flight. The total flight time is 10 -11 minutes.

Other than these you can also choose to charter a Turboprop, bizturbo or Airliner Turboprop for shorter trips. This aircraft needs several fuel stops and usually does not travel over long stretches of sea.

reserve book private bizjet bizjets air taxi taxis corporate executive business aircraft bizprop vip jet charter flight plane cost rates faresMost private jet charter flight companies have a form on their website to help you select a biz jet, corporate jet, business jet, bizprop, air taxi or other executive aircraft. First enter the particulars of the cities or countries you wish to travel from and to. Then enter details of the airports where you wish to leave and arrive at. Select the day of chartering a private jet flight and you get a list of the different charter planes and their costs. However, some websites don't have online private charter flight booking and you have to call up a contact number for the fares.

Most online private jet charter bizjet companies offer domestic flights in the United States as well as International flights to cities like London, Paris, Tokyo, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Tokyo. You can choose to book a return flight as well as one way bizprop or bizjet charter flight. If you wish to charter a private jet then visit the website of a private jet charter company and book a biz jet through their online reservation system today !

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I was always curious about the costs for chartering a private jet. It's too much but if you have too much, why not?

Private Jets said...

There is much variation in the cost of private jets. Each aviation company has its own rules and charges. Some companies provide empty leg facility which is cheaper than others. So it is difficult to say the exact figure. Source: