Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Aeroloft-Equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8

Private aircraft like Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) have been known for their luxuriously decorated interiors, and passengers who comprise royalty and world-famous celebrities. However, nothing in private jets even remotely compares to the luxury offered by a Boeing Business Jet equipped with Aeroloft.

In September 2012, GreenPoint Technologies (a private Washington-based VIP interior creation company for BBJs) delivered the world’s first Boeing Business Jet 747-8 with Aeroloft installed in it, to a client whose details have been kept secret. This special Aeroloft-equipped BBJ was designed in collaboration with Boeing, and has been patented.

Interior of Aeroloft in BJ 747-8

GreenPoint Technologies designed this unique Boeing Business Jet 747-8 with an Aeroloft, to offer its VIP passengers a quiet haven where they could rest peacefully during travel. The Aeroloft in the BBJ is situated on top of the main cabin, between the tail of the plane and the upper deck.

Other features of the Aeroloft in this Boeing Business Jet 747-8 are:

  • A forward entry staircase. 
  • Customised interior furnishings. 
  • 393 square feet of extra cabin space. 
  • Eight private sleeping berths. 
  • Changing room.

With the extra 393 square feet of cabin space provided by the Aeroloft, GreenPoint Technologies has extended the cabin space of the Boeing Business Jet 747-8 to a total of 5,176 square feet.

Boeing, the globally-famous aircraft manufacturer, is sure that the elite buyers of its Boeing Business Jet 747-8 aircrafts will be happy with the new space provided by the Aeroloft. This space not only provides affluent customers (habituated to luxury) with additional comfort, it also provides a much needed private rest area, for extra relaxation.

Bunk in Aeroloft of Boeing Business Jet

GreenPoint Technologies fitted the Aeroloft in the Boeing Business Jet 747-8 at their unit in Wichita, Kansas. After that, the aircraft was reportedly sent to Lufthansa Technik’s unit in Hamburg, Germany to put in other interior installations.

GreenPoint Technologies was set up in 1988, in Kirkland, Washington. Over the years, it has gained fame as a premium provider of turnkey VIP interior completions. It has a long partnership with Boeing, wherein it provides luxurious VIP interior solutions for the BBJs of private individuals, royalty, and transport category aircrafts.

After delivering the first Aeroloft-equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8, Boeing will deliver two more Aeroloft BBJs to prospective billionaire clients.

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