Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond-Studded Leather Luxury Bicycle For Sale

Designed by award-winning jewellery designer Nicholas James, this leather-clad bicycle studded with real diamonds, is priced at $38,350. Known for pioneering new styles, Nicholas James had once impressed the world with a diamond-studded titanium bike. This time the jewellery designer has taken its passion for diamonds to new heights, and partnered with Harcourt Design (a company that specialises in leather design and interiors) to create a one-of-its-kind bicycle named ‘Brogue’.

The Brogue has a 1970s Triumph 531 frame, covered in immaculate, hand-stitched leather. This two-wheeled wonder bicycle also comes with exquisite luxury accessories, such as a matching leather saddle bag and individually woven leather handlebar grips.

The idea to craft a diamond-studded leather bicycle was born when Simon Harcourt of Harcourt Design, showed his leather-clad bike to Nick Fitch, the designer and founder of Nicholas James. As soon as Nick set eyes on the bike; he felt that the use of some careful diamond work would improve the appearance of the bicycle, immensely. When he told Simon about his thoughts, Simon just loved it, and work soon began on the creation of this diamond-studded leather bicycle.

Nick started by adorning the handlebar ends with sterling silver. He then set each end with natural brown diamonds, so that they matched the brown tones of the Italian vegetable-tanned leather.

Next, Nicholas James crafted a pair of silver Conway buckles set with diamonds, for the leather saddle bag on the back of the luxury bicycle. With punched hallmarks and flawless polish; the bespoke bejewelled adornments gave the diamond-studded bicycle an almost regal look, completing the bike perfectly.

All parts of the diamond-studded Brogue bicycle were crafted and fitted in Harcourt Design’s workshops. This cycle was also displayed at the London May 2012 Tweed Run, where it garnered the attention of the participants and the press, alike. Currently, the Brogue is on display at the Nicholas James l’Hatton Garden showroom, which is situated in London’s famous jewellery quarter. It is priced at $38,350.

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