Monday, June 4, 2012

McCaw Private Island Listed For $75 Million

What do famous people like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Eddie Murphy and Craig McCaw have in common? Well, they are all American, super-rich, and have their own private islands.

As of now, one of the people on this list, namely, Craig McGaw, is inviting people to buy his property. Yes indeed, the beautiful 780 acre island called ‘James Island’, belonging to Craig and his wife Susan, is up for sale. Located off the coast of Vancouver in Canada, this private island has been priced at a whopping $75 million.

aerial photo of craig mccaw private island near vancouver

James Island is a scenic piece of property that beats its counterparts, hands down. The McCaw private island has miles of sandy beaches, as well as its own airstrip, marina and golf course (designed by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus). It also has a gorgeous four-bedroom residence, built from reclaimed cedar.

This house on the McCaw private island adds a lot to the beauty and grandeur of the property. Spread across a 5,000 square foot area, the residence is furnished with all the luxuries one would expect to see in a billionaire’s home. Another feature of the property is a huge warehouse which has been converted into an entertainment centre. This McCaw warehouse also has a storage area, a fitness centres and six guest cottages.

photo of craig mccaw residence on james island in canada

In addition, guests at James Island near Vancouver have lots of other entertainment options. This includes water sports activities like surfing and water-skiing, as well as fishing, hiking, and biking. If all this is not worth $75 million, then what else is, we wonder?

The news of Craig and Susan McCaw deciding to sell their property comes just a few days after another Canadian celebrity, Celine Dion, invited people to buy her private island. While the press was surprised by Celine Dion’s decision, the case of Craig McGraw did not cause much of a flutter. In fact, Craig McGraw has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Since 2002, when he filed for bankruptcy for XO Communications, his businesses have not being doing well, and have fallen under huge debts. So, it was only expected that some of his properties would have to be sold.

More About James Island

The McCaw private island in Vancouver was the site of a Dynamite Plant from the World War II era, and originally had a population of around 800 persons. In the 1980s, efforts were made to convert the property into a holiday resort. About ten years later, in 1994, Craig and Susan McGraw purchased James Island. Other than the Vancouver private island, the McGraws also own other major properties, such as the Hunts Point Estate on the shores of Lake Washington.

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