Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jewellery Collection for Pet Owners by Hellmuth

German jewellery manufacturer Hellmuth has announced the launch of ‘Hellmuth Hund’, a range of finely crafted jewellery pieces for dog lovers. Hellmuth has been in the jewelry design market for quite some time now, and had previously gained wide attention for its range of uber-masculine jewellery pieces with crocodile motifs.

This celebrated German brand of diamond and silver jewelry has now brought a smile to the faces of all pet loving jewellery enthusiasts, with the launch of its latest jewellery line. Named Hellmuth Hund (which means ‘dog’ in German’), this jewellery range consists of a line of diamond embellished charms, which feature 23 different American Kennel dog breeds.

While Hellmuth is not the first jewellery brand that has used pets as a theme for a jewelry collection, its dog-themed jewellery pieces are certainly unique. Previously, animal-themed jewellery has been seen in some of the most costly ranges of jewelry, brought out by leading jewellery designers. One of the more famous of these is the animal-themed jewelry pieces recently unveiled by Meche. This included a unique diamond dog pendant, priced at $16,000, which featured diamonds in the shape of a dog’s head.

With the Hellmuth Hund collection, German jewellery designer Hellmuth carries the jewellery-for-pet-lovers tradition further.

Hellmuth Hund Jewellery Collection For Dog Lovers

The Hellmuth Hund charms are being sold in three different sizes and metal variations. These are:
  • The pieces with a body of 14 carat solid gold, each having Hellmuth’s signature crocodile patterns on the back. 
  • The charms made from sterling silver, each studded with sparkling white diamonds. 
  • The jewelry pieces done in plain sterling silver, each carefully embellished with icy diamonds. 
According to sources, these jewellery pieces from Hellmuth are expected to be priced from US $546 to $7,998.

If you are unable to find your prized dog among the 23 American Kennel breeds depicted in the Hellmuth Hund collection, you can ask Hellmuth to design a customised charm for you. All that you have to do is give the jewellery designer a high-resolution photograph of your dog, and the company will use it to craft a custom piece of jewellery. The best thing about having a customised charm is that you can tell Hellmuth to switch the diamonds for any other precious or semi-precious stones.

According to Gert Hellmuth, the President of Hellmuth, the Hellmuth Hund range of jewellery is meant for pet lovers across the world, who would like to be reminded of their four-legged friends, at every moment.

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