Monday, June 18, 2012

Million Dollar Tintin Comic Book Cover

Since 1929, when the series of ‘Tintin’ comics were first introduced, the hysteria has never really faded away. Now, in June 2012, a rare hand-drawn comic book cover, only one of five original pieces of art, has been sold for a whopping US $1.6 million. This proves once again, that the business of comic collectables is no laughing matter. 

Over the past few decades, collecting comic books has turned out to be serious business, with well-preserved collectibles/artwork constantly fetching hefty prices at comic book auctions.  Some of the most costly comic book auctions have taken place in the last five years. This includes the sale of the world’s best Marvel Comics multi-million dollar collection, and the Batman #1 comic book that garnered a staggering US $850,000, earlier this year.

With the sale of this rare Tintin comic book cover for US $1.6 million in a Paris auction, more millionaire investors are beginning to take the business of comic book collectibles seriously.

Tintin in America Artwork Sold For 1.6 Million Dollars  

The Tintin original artwork that has been sold for US $1.6 million is a rare hand-drawn ‘Tintin in America’ comic book cover, which was created way back in 1932. It is one of five remaining originals by Herge, and one of only two in private hands. The 1932 Tintin comic book cover is the very third outing created for the character, in the year 1929.

photos of million dollar vintage tintin comic book covers

It was painstakingly drawn by Belgian comic book legend ‘Herge’ Geoges Remi, who both wrote and illustrated the Tintin comic book series, before he passed away in 1983. This rare comic book cover shows the young reporter-detective Tintin dressed like an American Cowboy, sitting atop a rock with his pet dog Snowy at his side. Behind him are three Red Indians, wielding two axes and sneaking towards him.

This rare Tintin comic book cover was purchased in a Paris auction by an unnamed buyer, from an ardent Tintin collector. It broke its previous record price of $950,710, which it had set in 2008, when it was previously bought by the comic book collector. After purchasing the rare comic book cover, a friend of the unnamed buyer said that his friend’s aim was not to beat the previous record, but to acquire the piece of interesting artwork.

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