Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rafael Nadal’s Richard Mille Watch

The lightest mechanical watch in the world, Rafael Nadal’s Richard Mille watch, is also one of the most expensive. Priced at US $376,000, the Richard Mille RM027 Tourbillon watch is a light-weight, enigmatic timepiece, which is able to withstand high-shock loads in rough sporting events. You’ll always catch Rafael Nadal wearing the Richard Mille RM027 Tourbillon watch at professional tennis tournaments.

More About The Richard Mille RM027 Tourbillon Watch

Rafael Nadal’s Richard Mille watch is made of light-weight materials such as titanium, aluminium, lithium, copper and magnesium. In fact, it only weighs 20 grams, with the movement weighing just under 4 grams. The escapement and balance wheel of the RM027 Tourbillon watch is placed in a rotating cage, to counteract the effects of gravity. It has a transparent dial and watch case back, enabling one to view its inner mechanisms.

Recently, Rafael Nadal’s Richard Mille watch went missing from his room at a luxury five-star hotel in Paris. Later, the watch was found in the possession of one of the hotel’s staff (a barman), and handed back to the professional tennis star. However, this is not the first time one of Rafael Nadal’s Richard Mille watches got lost. Way back in 2008, Rafael Nadal’s custom-built $525,000 Richard Mille watch disappeared from the locker room during the Rogers Cup in Toronto, and was never found.

Rafael Nadal has been promoting the RM027 Tourbillon watch since 2010, and it always sells like hot cakes. Only around 50 of these watches are made every year, because of the difficulty in crafting them. In 2010, Rafael Nadal’s RM027 Tourbillon watches were sold for as much as US $500,000, but with the fall of the Euro, they are available for the comparatively low cost of US $376,000 today. Other than the RM027 Tourbillon, Richard Mille has also being selling its entire production of around 2,900 watches per year, the cheapest being priced at a huge US $50,000.

Wealthy watch collectors have been the first to pick up Rafael Nadal’s Richard Mille watches, with the hope that the price will appreciate immensely in the future. According to sources, Richard Mille is currently working on a new watch for the tennis star, which will be lighter than his current RM027 Tourbillon. This watch is expected to be priced higher than US $500,000.

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