Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lego Figure of Queen Elizabeth II With A Diamond Crown

In June 2012, Lego unveiled a special collector’s edition Lego figure of Queen Elizabeth II (with a diamond encrusted crown), to commemorate the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne. With the launch of this exclusive Lego block, the company has joined many of the leading luxury brands who are celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee event with the launch of stylish and luxurious products (mostly limited edition pieces).

Unveiled to the public at the famous Legoland theme park situated in Windsor, just a short distance away from the Queen’s Windsor Palace, the bejewelled Lego figure of Britain’s monarch stands 10 centimetres tall. This figure has Queen Elizabeth II wearing a pure white gown, with the traditional blue sash (the Garter Riband). On the head of the Lego figure of the Queen is a little crown, encrusted with sparkling real diamonds.

Other than the bejeweled Lego figure of Queen Elizabeth II with its diamond-encrusted crown, Lego has also created Lego figures to portray other members of the Windsor Royal Family. The most famous of these limited edition Lego pieces was the figures of Prince William and his wife Kate, which were crafted to celebrate the Royal Wedding in 2011.

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