Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gold and Diamond Sink – Most Expensive Sink In The World

The things they invent these days. I was surprised to hear that a bathroom sink made of pure gold and diamonds is on sale. Priced at $80,000, this gold and diamond washbasin is believed to be the most expensive sink in the world. Imagine washing your hands in such a bathroom sink…who would buy such a thing?

This luxury bathroom sink has been designed by the ‘Luxury Edition and Gallery’ (or LEandG), a Stockholm based design firm. This firm has developed a reputation for creating a wide range of expensive luxury home-interior items, which include washbasins, showers, furniture, bathtubs and other unique household products. These high-end home accessories usually find their way into the homes of some of the richest billionaires in the world.

Features Of The Gold Washbasin

Named ‘Blido’, the gold washbasin crafted by ‘Luxury Edition and Gallery’, is actually made from aluminium, with a covering of 24 carat gold, and a few diamonds in a circular pattern, studded on its exterior (If the diamonds were on the interior, there were strong chances of them getting unstuck, and being washed down the, who would want that?)

  • It weighs 23 kilograms. 
  • Hand cast aluminum used in the manufacture of the gold sink. 
  • It has one brilliantly cut 2.00 carat diamond, together with eight 0.25 carat brilliantly cut diamonds.

In addition to the diamond and gold bathroom sink priced at US $80,000, Luxury Edition and Gallery also allows clients to specify customised washbasins made from other materials. Clients can choose their own design, and decide if they want gem-stones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds or sapphires studded on the exterior of sinks made from either white gold, yellow gold or even platinum.

What do you think about this gold and diamond washbasin? Would you ever consider having such a sink in your bathroom (even a fake gold and diamond sink?) or is it simply too jazzy?

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